Team NI U15 Girls Come Out On Top Against Dublin

On Sunday, Team NI U15 Girls took on Dublin DLBB at UUJ in two practice games in preparation for their upcoming games against Wales U15 Girls. Both games showcased the competitive spirit and skills of the young athletes, with Team NI emerging victorious in both games. 

The Game Report:

Game 1: Team NI 52-37 DLBB 

Quarter Breakdown: 

Quarter 1: Team NI 11-8 DLBB 

Quarter 2: Team NI 14-9 DLBB 

Halftime: Team NI 25-17 DLBB 

Quarter 3: Team NI 6-13 DLBB 

Quarter 4: Team NI 21-7 DLBB 

Team NI started strong, maintaining a lead through most of the game. Their relentless full-court press disrupted DLBB’s offense and created numerous scoring opportunities. Niamh Ferguson led the charge with 15 points, supported by Sadhbh Drain with 12 points. Despite a brief comeback by DLBB in the third quarter, Team NI dominated the fourth quarter to secure a convincing win. 

Game 2: Team NI 37-29 DLBB 

Quarter Breakdown: 

Quarter 1: Team NI 6-9 DLBB 

Quarter 2: Team NI 2-13 DLBB 

Halftime: Team NI 8-22 DLBB 

Quarter 3: Team NI 15-2 DLBB 

Quarter 4: Team NI 14-5 DLBB 

The second game started with Team NI showing signs of fatigue, trailing at halftime by a significant margin. However, they demonstrated remarkable resilience and character in the second half. A strong defensive effort in the third quarter, where they outscored DLBB 15-2, was key to their comeback. The team continued to build on this momentum in the fourth quarter to secure another win. Niamh Napier stood out as the top scorer with 10 points, but the points were well-distributed across the team. 

Head-Coach Andy Mulholland had this to add, “These two practice games were crucial for the Girls, providing valuable experience and preparation ahead of their matches against Wales U15 Girls. The team’s ability to maintain a full-court press in the first game and their resilience to come back in the second game highlights their potential and determination. The girls should take confidence from these performances as the team looks forward to competing against Wales in July.“ 

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