About Team NI 

The Team NI Training Camps aims to provide a performance pathway (linking club junior teams with governing body performance squads) becoming Team NI.

It was established by Basketball NI for the 2022- 2023 season with a development from the Commonwealth Games 3×3 Performance Pathway. Previously  Basketball NI had an Academy structure that started in 2012-13 season for 7 years.

Team NI Performance Pathway has been supported by Sport NI . Basketball NI are working with the NI Commonwealth Games, FIBA, Basketball Ireland and a number of pathways to develop opportunities for our players, coaches and workforce.

It is important for young performers to have an opportunity to make the most of their abilities and potentials. The academy programme provides clubs with an outlet for their talented players. Basketball NI has a responsibility for talent identification and performance development in partnership with local clubs.

Basketball NI is in the unique position that it can, through its affiliation to Basketball Ireland, have players participate in international FIBA age-group competitions and also participate in high performance opportunities provided by ‘home-countries’ and Commonwealth structures. The Team NI supports high performance development and aims to maximise the opportunities for both boys and girls to participate in high performance competition.

It should also be noted that the Basketball NI Team NI still exists as being unique within Basketball Ireland’s governance. No other region currently operates in this manners as Northern Ireland is a country and continues to caters for a diverse community in Northern Ireland.


Team NI

Team NI financial outgoings are centred on the following areas:

  1. Facility hire
  2. Strength and Conditioning
  3. Physiotherapy
  4. Nutrition  
  5. Referee and table officials for competitions
  6. Management expenses for Summer Slam

Team NI Programme

The annual Team NI programme runs from September through to August and consists of Training Camps, Player Seasonal Scouting and competitive opportunities. The programme operates with the following age-group squads:

  • U15B
  • U15G
  • U17B
  • U17G
  • Senior Men 
  • Senior Women

Squads range in size from 36 to 16 players. Teams will play with 12 players as per Basketball Rules.

Team Selection and Talent Identification Policy

Clubs are invited to nominate up to 4 players for consideration in each of the above age-group squads. Clubs are asked to take into account the following when making their nominations: current performance level; and developmental potential (nominations are particularly welcome from players of 179cms and above).

Clubs are asked to note that Team NI is a high performance opportunity and does not focus on fundamental player development. All players nominated will be subject to a performance assessment by Team NI coaches.

Feedback is not offered at first trials because of the number of players likely to attend. Feedback may be a feature of performance squads, which is dependent on availability of coaching resources. If funds allow those not selected may be invited to attend an age-group development camp programme.

Parents will be asked to drop their children at the doors of the training camps. Parents are welcome to attend the games.