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This page covers the different types of registration that a club and its members will need to undertake, it will be updated at the start of each season to reflect any changes to prices or the systems used.

Club and Player Registrations

All clubs and players must be registered with Basketball Ireland in order to be eligible to enter into Basketball NI competitions. Those players who register before 01/11/2022 will be eligible for free insurance for the rest of the season.

Click on the link to be taken to Basketball Ireland’s registration system. This system is responsible for player and club registrations. BI has created a step-by-step guide on using the system.

Players registered with Basketball Ireland will have a unique player ID which must be presented at each competition. Any team fielding a player without an ID will automatically loose the game and have a fine levied against them.  All ID’s will be checked either during a game or by the Competitions Committee after the score sheets have been submitted.

Technical Registrations

Basketball Ireland also require that table officials, referees and coaches are registered via their Sports Pulse system.

For specific questions or details on using either of the registration systems contact:

Basketball NI Fees

Basketball NI collects fees for clubs and players registered on the BI systems. Basketball NI invoice each club for the players that have been registered.  The prices for the 2022-23 season can be found below:

  • £30 Club
  • £20 Senior Player
  • £10 U14 – U18 players
  • £5 Coaches & Technical Officials 
  • Free U12