Academy: U12 Boys Recall list

After the U12 Boys Academy Trial took place; two groups have been named. Group 1 boys have made the squad and will be invited to the next session. Group 2 boys are being invited back for at least one more trial, and we may add 2-3 boys from Group 2 to the squad.

This course of action has been taken as there is a possibility of a BNI Academies U12’s Development team also being selected as games against Wales are currently being considered, the outcome of which will be known before the second trials are completed.

Parents of Group 1 players will soon receive an invoice from BNI for the programme. Group 2 players should bring £5 with them to the next session and will only be invoiced if they make the squad/games against Wales are confirmed.

Details of the next session will follow as soon as possible (we are hoping to source a larger venue for Sun 2nd April). An email has been issued to parents of those who attended the recent BNI Boys Academies U12s Trials in March. If you have not received anything please double-check in your junk mail, otherwise email asap.

Kind regards,
BNI Academies Co-Ordinator


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