Junior finals are here!!! All-Stars announced

BNI would like to invite all to the junior finals this Sunday in the Antrim Forum from 12:45 to 7pm. After every game there will be a presentation of all the All-Stars of that league and BNI would like to congratulate them all!

Below are the fixtures

Court 1 Game
12:45 U14 Boys Star V Blaze
2:15 U16 Dev Boys Wolves V Star
3:45 U16 Boys Tigers V Star
5:15 U18 Men Phoenix V Star
Court 2 Game
12:55 U14 Dev Boys Star V Mulroy
2:10 U14 Girls Towers V Blaze
3:30 U16 Girls Towers V Tigers
5:00 U18 Women’s Phoenix V Elks



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