Senior BNI Women head to Ball out for 3X3

Heading ✈️ to Birmingham to compete in the senior women’s Ball Out 3×3 tournament this weekend are members of our Elite Women’s Team NI squad.

✅ Enya Maguire
✅ Abigail Rafferty
✅ Eimhear Morris
✅ Erin Maguire

“The opportunity for preparation events, like the ball out tour, are key components for the NI ladies squad preparation and these players representing our squad this weekend are just some of a group of talented ballers that have come together to really work towards qualifying for the commonwealth. The Ball Out Tournament gives us great competition and preparation going against 3×3 teams in our bid for 3×3 Commonwealth qualification. Special thanks to the board of Basketball Commonwealth Games Northern Ireland and Sport Northern Ireland for their help.” said Head Coach of Team NI Women’s 3×3 team, Patrick O’Neill.

Coach O’Neill has also been working closer with Team NI Assistant Coach Ryan McCormick who added, “The Team NI Ladies have been preparing weekly for their third event of the summer, at the Ball Out UK Birmingham Qualifier. This will be a great experience for the ladies to play in the host city of the 2022 Commonwealth Games, and against some of the talent they would expect to see there.

The ladies travelling this weekend are young but formidable. As a group, they are still in the early stages of their development, but they have the potential to compete at the highest level. Events like Ball Out 3×3 will be massive in helping them reach that potential.” continued Coach McCormick
We wish all the ladies the best of swishes at tomorrow’s event.

Additional Squad members who have been in preparation for selection are:

Anna Maguire
Alex Mulligan
Charlie McGrath
Georgie McGrath
Nicola Rafferty
Seanna Harley Moyes
Ciara Cooke
Ciara McCreanor
Rebecca Barker
Brianna Mulhern
Aoife Callaghan
Special Thanks to  SB Sports  Kappa Basketball Ireland FIBA3x3 FIBA

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