Milestone Monday: BNI Vice-Chair Becomes FIBA Players’ Mentor

Basketball NI Vice-Chair Marc Mulholland is continually striving to develop basketball in Northern Ireland. 

In his player career Marc represented Ireland in junior Men’s European competitions and played across the US in a number of Scholar Athlete Games. After time away from the game he returned as a player/coach and joined Basketball NI Academies set up as Coach for U16 & U18 Men’s team and more recently has been spearheading the Elite Pathway for FIBA 3×3 basketball as well as starting the Belfast Bulls Basketball that introduces early years basketball.

Now striving to help the future players of Basketball NI, Marc is developing his skills with FIBA.

In 2021 Marc become a graduate of the FIBA TIMEOUT 2.0 Programme following a 20-month course. The project consisted of three parts in the section dedicated to active and retired players for TIME OUT 2.0 completing a FIBA Managers course, a postgraduate certification in Leadership and Management with the University of Northumbria and a Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme.

As of December 2022, Marc has now achieved another milestone in his career as he has completed the FIBA Players’ Mentorship Programme. 

The FIBA Players’ Mentorship Programme was created to provide support for players not only on the court but off of it as well. The primary objective is to train at least one Players’ Mentor per National Federation who will help support all elite youth players in that country. FIBA wants all players to be able to compete at their highest level, enhance their health and well-being and provide meaningful educational opportunities. As a Player Mentor Marc supports and mentor players ranging from youth to adult elite players on their journey through basketball.  

The sport of basketball has been good to me both on and off the court. You build relationships, learn life lessons and skills; like how to develop yourself. You learn to win and overcome adversity and if you really put your mind to it you can make an impact to help others. Building a career in basketball can be difficult and too often, we think being from a small island that we can’t achieve more, but with the right plan, mindset and approach building your playing or career pathway can put you on the right track. I found throughout my own professional career and working with TASS and FIBA, basketball has helped me build the foundations of how I now live my own life, continuing to help grow the game and help mentor others where I can.’

Marc Mulholland, BNI Vice-Chair

Basketball NI would like to congratulate Marc on this amazing achievement and milestone in his basketball career. We are very excited for what the future holds for our young players within BNI. 

Watch this space!

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