Expression of Interest for Basketball NI Courses

As we gear up for the exciting 2024/2025 basketball season, Basketball Northern Ireland is thrilled to announce a series of upcoming courses designed to develop the skills and knowledge of our members. Whether you’re interested in coaching, officiating, or refereeing, there’s a course for you! We’re now seeking expressions of interest from our members to ensure we provide the training you need.

Coaching Courses

1. Coaching Introductory

  • Age Requirement: 16 years or older
  • Description: This entry-level course is perfect for those looking to start their coaching journey. It’s designed to provide foundational knowledge and skills in coaching basketball.

2. Coaching Level 1

  • Prerequisite: Must have completed the Coaching Introductory course and have one year of experience.
  • Description: Building on the introductory course, this Level 1 course delves deeper into coaching techniques, strategies, and player development.

Coaching Level 2

  • Description: For experienced coaches, this advanced course covers advanced techniques, leadership skills, and in-depth game analysis. It’s tailored for those aiming to excel in competitive coaching environments.

Table Officiating Courses

1. Table Officiating Introductory

  • Age Requirement: 14 years or older
  • Description: Ideal for those new to table officiating, this course covers the basics of scorekeeping, timekeeping, and statistics recording.

2. Table Officiating Advanced

  • Description: For those with experience in table officiating, this advanced course provides a more in-depth understanding of the roles and responsibilities, preparing you for higher-level games and competitions.

Refereeing Courses

1. Refereeing Introductory

  • Age Requirement: 16 years or older
  • Description: This course is designed for individuals interested in becoming basketball referees. It covers the fundamental rules of the game, officiating mechanics, and the role of a referee.

Why Participate?

Participating in these courses is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your skills, contribute to the development of basketball in Northern Ireland, and support your local club. Whether you’re looking to coach, officiate games, or take on a leadership role in the sport, these courses are designed to provide you with the necessary training and certification.

How to Express Your Interest

We want to hear from you! To help us organise these courses effectively, please complete the following form to guide us on the courses that people are interested in: Expression of Interest Form

Your feedback is invaluable in helping us tailor these courses to meet the needs of our community.

Get Involved!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to try something new and make a significant impact in your local basketball community. Whether you’re stepping onto the court as a coach, taking a seat at the scoring table, or blowing the whistle as a referee, your involvement makes a difference.

Stay tuned for more details on course dates and locations.

For any inquiries, feel free to contact us at

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