Team NI Embarks on an Exciting Chapter with New Coaching Additions and Performance Pathway Enhancements

Team NI is thrilled to announce significant advancements within its programme, showcasing a commitment to nurturing young talent and elevating the standards of high-performance basketball in Northern Ireland. Team NI is set to enter a dynamic phase with the appointment of new coaching staff and an intensified focus on performance pathways.

Team NI is delighted to announce Marc Mulholland as U15 Boys Head Coach and Michael McCabe as Associate Head Coach for the U15 Boys. Additionally, we are excited to announce that Stephen Fox and Conor Liston will be integral members of the Team U15 Boys Squad, bringing their expertise and passion to the role of Assistant Coaches.

Vice Chair and Head Coach, Marc Mulholland, shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming phase, highlighting the commitment to the Team NI programme.

“This is a really exciting time for the Team NI programme,” noted Marc Mulholland. “We are thrilled to have a great group of coaches dedicated to the strategy and performance pathway of our young players. A warm welcome to Michael McCabe, our new Associate Head Coach, as I begin to hand over the role to focus on managing the project. Equally exciting is the addition of Conor Liston in his assistant role, supporting our coaching team in their work with a talented group of Under 15 boys.”

Michael McCabe, as the newly appointed Associate Head Coach, brings a wealth of experience to Team NI, promising to enhance the coaching team’s capabilities in developing young talents. Conor Liston, alongside current Assistant Coach, Stephen Fox (Foxy), adds valuable support and expertise to the program’s dedicated efforts to nurture the skills of the Under 15 boys.

“As we witness exciting talent emerging through our pathway, our goal is to provide every opportunity for these young athletes to excel in the sport they love,” expressed Marc Mulholland. “Andy Gill, our Performance Pathway Coordinator, has been working to ensure that our pathway is an exemplar for high performance. We are dedicated to creating an experience that not only fosters talent growth within our sport but also sets a standard for excellence.”

The upcoming Performance Camp over Christmas further underscores Team NI’s commitment to hands-on development. The coaching team is eager to work with with the talented Under 15 boys, creating a dynamic and enriching environment for skill refinement.

“Team NI is entering an exciting phase, and with the introduction of our new coaching team and the strengthened performance pathway, we hold a strong belief in our capacity to advance youth sports development,” Marc Mulholland affirmed. “We eagerly anticipate the positive influence this will have on our players, contributing to the lasting success and legacy of Team NI.”

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