Soaring to New Heights: Basketball NI Discuss ‘She Got Game’ on BBC Radio Foyle

In a recent interview on BBC Radio Foyle, Club Engagement Officer Lauren McCullough and North Star Coach Fiona Temple joined host Marc Patterson to discuss Basketball Northern Ireland’s new Sport NI funded initiative – “She Got Game.” The engaging conversation shed light on the program’s objectives, the growing popularity of basketball, and the expansion of the initiative into various communities.

Host Marc Patterson opened the conversation by highlighting the soaring popularity of basketball in Northern Ireland. As the discussion unfolded, Lauren McCullough and Fiona Temple shared their insights into the sport’s growth and the positive impact it has on communities.

The focal point of the interview was Basketball Northern Ireland’s innovative program, “She Got Game.” This empowering initiative is currently running in four areas, namely Derry with North Star, Belfast with Ma Bulls, Magherafelt Titans in Magherafelt, and Newry Fliers in Newry. Lauren McCullough elaborated on the program’s mission, which aims to reintroduce women to the sport or encourage newcomers to take their first shot on the court.

The program is set to expand further, with four additional areas planned for inclusion later this year. This expansion reflects the growing demand and enthusiasm for women’s basketball across Northern Ireland.

To hear the full conversation and gain deeper insights into the “She Got Game” initiative, viewers are encouraged to watch the video below.

For those interested in participating in the program or learning more about the clubs involved, the article provides links to the social media pages of the participating clubs:

The interview on BBC Radio Foyle served as a platform to showcase the inspiring “She Got Game” initiative and its positive impact on women in basketball. With the program already making waves in four areas and plans for further expansion, the future looks bright for women’s basketball in Northern Ireland

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