Junior Finals 2016

BNI would like to thank all the volunteers and fans for coming to support the teams at the BNI Fianls. The Antrim PhoenixForum hosted the 2016 junior finals and another exciting season as all the league winners qualified for the cup finals! Star won the 3 leagues at U18, U16 and U14 and managed to complete the triple at the finals though Phoenix and Steelers ran the games immensely close with two of the most physical games. The development cups were won by the the league winners as Omagh, Newry and Steelers showed their dominance but the upsets were in the girls games as all games went to the wire as Tigers managed an upset of Phoenix at U14 and UU pulled out a great win against Steelers at under 16. The only game that held suit for the ladies was the U18 cup were the Elks fought off a great Blackwater team. See all game reviews and photos on our Facebook site, BNI would like to thank everyone that made the occasion special for the athletes.


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