Elite Performance Team Announced

Team NI are excited to announce two new additions to the Elite Performance Team, Sean Taylor (Strength & Conditioning) and Siubhéan Crowne (Sports Psychologist).

4+ Years experience in areas of Strength and Conditioning, Sport Science, Health and Fitness and Physical Education. Skilled in exercise physiology, biomechanics, skill acquisition, gps analysis, athlete monitoring and exercise coaching. 

My role as head of Strength and Conditioning in Sligo Grammar School, I am currently responsible for designing and implementing strength training and conditioning programs in‐season, off‐season, and pre‐season for all school athletes male and female that reflect our coaching practices and our schools long‐term athletic development model. 

Within Sligo GAA – I am responsible for coordinating and maintaining a strength and conditioning program for players for U15s to U20s within our setup, with the three major goals of improving athletic performance, reducing injuries, and increasing their competence and movement skills. As a coach I devise training plans and pitch loads according to principles and game demands, supervising training sessions, evaluating athletes, maintaining data records, and teaching strength and conditioning sessions as needed. 

As I’ve begun my career in Sport science and S&C, I’ve become increasingly eager to climb the ladder in this profession. My passion for my job has made me a strong researcher with vast knowledge of this area, which I believe is reflected in my current workings within Basketball Ireland, Sligo GAA and Sligo Grammar School.

Sean Taylor

My name is Siubhean Crowne, I am a PhD researcher in sport psychology at West Bromwich Albion FC (WBA) and a sport psychologist in training (SEPiT). At WBA alongside conducting my research, I support the creation and delivery of our psychology programme to academy footballers and coaches/staff. Academy football can be a challenging environment but supporting children/young people to cope with the potential stressors of this environment and everyday life is my focus. 

I was previously the Team Manager for the Irish u16 women’s basketball team, a role I held for three consecutive years and within this I supported the team’s preparation for two European Championships to Piešťany, Slovakia and Podgorica, Montenegro. A challenging, but rewarding experience. 

As Michael Jordan once said, sport is 80% mental and 20% physical, and it’s important to consider and tend to this. The mental side of the game has an implication on the physical side, whether we realise it or not! Sport is a fantastic tool to learn about ourselves, our teammates and our coaches, and many of these learnings and teachings we can bring to our everyday lives, to school and work.

Siubhéan Crowne
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