Coaches Profile: Rolandus Barkus

With over a decade in coaching experience Rolandus Barkus is the head coach of the Men’s Division 1 BC Wolves has been a significant figure with the Academy this year. Rolandus took some time away from coaching to answer a few questions.

What is your coaching qualification?

I am have an Intro Level Coach qualification and am awaiting the next Level one course.

How long have you been coaching?

I got my first team in Lithuania when I was 18 year old, so 10 years in total.

Rolandus and Andrew Mulholland

Which teams/clubs have you coached in the past?

In Lithuania ”Legionieriai”
In Northern Ireland: Armagh ”Bisons” and ”Bc Wolves”

Did you play basketball – if so who for?

In Northern Ireland I have played for ”Dungannon Cavaliers”, Tyrone ”Towers”, Armagh ”Bisons”, and current ”Bc Wolves”.

Any moments that stand out/funny stories?

In Lithuania I had the experience to play and watch players who played in Olympics, Euroleague and other high profile leagues around the Europe and I learned alot from them as a teenager…Funny moment? When i got dunked by Euroleague champion Tomas Masiulis and still stayed happy because I got dunked by HIM :)

If you weren’t involved with basketball what would you be doing?

Trying to invent the game of basketball :)

What was your 5 minutes of fame moment?

Every season you can get few ”5 Minutes of fame” when raise a trophy over your head.

Not many people know this about me but…

When my team loses a match I always blame myself…

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