Coaches Profile: Andrew Mulholland

Andy Mulholland

Andrew Mulholland has extensive experience in youth team and has been a coach with the Academy teams for a number of years. This year he has been working with the U18 squad.

What is your coaching qualification?

I am an Intro Level Coach, soon to be Level one.

How long have you been coaching?

This will be my 5th year Coaching.

Andrew Mulholland
Andrew Mulholland

Which teams/clubs have you coached in the past?

In the Past, I have coached at Andersonstown Tigers; teams include u16 Girls and U18 Boys. I have been head Coach at St.Marys CBGS Boys school for the last 3 years working with the U19s right down to year 8’s and worked as a coach in many schools including La Salle, CBS, Victoria College. At club level, I am now coaching with Queens Basketball Club, working with the U14 Boys and Women’s team. And of course, this is my 2nd year as Head Coach of the BNI U18 Boys Squad and I’m looking forward to every bit of it.

Did you play basketball – if so who for?

I’ve been playing Basketball since I could walk. Started with St.Galls BC, which laid out strong foundations, being surrounded by some of the top coaches and players in the country at the time. My greatest basketballing memories are with this club. Clubs that I have played for since then have been Queens BC, Belfast Storm and Andersonstown Tigers.

Any moments that stand out/funny stories?

There are many moments that stand out over the years. Some funny, some sad and some that just can’t be shared. My favourite memory though, is when the rafters were packed in Andytown leisure Centre back in the 90’s with St.Galls. I was only a youngster at the time but it supplied all the feelings that should be associated with good sport; excitement, nerves, happiness, sadness, laughter and the feeling of community. I hope that all the kids I coach have felt or get to feel what that is like someday whether that be as a player, coach or Spectator.

If you weren’t involved with basketball what would you be doing?

I’d be baking 24/7.

What was your 5 minutes of fame moment?

I’m not one for the spotlight, but playing live in my University days Blues band (long live Underbelly & the Cheap Cuts) was a feeling I’ll cherish forever.  Doesn’t really count though, as we were not famous, at all.

Not many people know this about me but…

I worked as a chef in Liverpool for 2 years.  Not only did this harness my love for food but also my style as a basketball coach. Just like there is a recipe for baking a loaf of bread or creating a plate of delicious food; there is a recipe for a great basketball player and team.  Every Chef/Coach has their own idea of what that is but the foundation of it all is fundamental skills, discipline, communication, focus, teamwork and a good attitude.

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