Club Profile: BC Wolves

BC Wolves Club Profile ⭐️🏀


Social Media- Instagram – bcwolves

Facebook- BcWolves


Location: Cookstown Leisure Centre 

About: BC Wolves have been balling since 2015. In their 9 years they have been highly successful having won 4 premier league titles, 1 plate championship, 1 DIV 1 championship and 1 DIV 2 championship. They have expanded into having U12,14 and 16 boys teams and U12 and 16 girls teams as well as primary school classes.

Sessions: U14 and 16 boys Saturdays at Cookstown, U12 boys and primary school Sundays at Cookstown, U12 and U16 girls at Cookstown LC on Wednesdays

Join Them: Contact to see how you can join BC Wolves

Contact: or their social media channels to stay up to date with everyone happening at BC Wolves

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