BNI Vice Chair Chats All Things Basketball: The Sideline Live Podcast

Basketball NI Vice Chair, Marc Mulholland Joins The Sideline Live Podcast’s Men’s Panel Preview Alongside October National League Coach of the Month, Jack Scully and Basketball Ireland Development Officer, Erin Bracken

Basketball enthusiasts are in for a thrilling episode as Marc Mulholland, Vice Chair of Basketball NI, takes the stage on The Sideline Live Podcast’s Men’s Panel Preview. Joining him for this special edition are guests, October National League Coach of the Month, Jack Scully and Basketball Ireland Development Officer, Erin Bracken. Together, they will engage in a spirited discussion, providing insights and predictions on the Quarter Final of the Pat Duffy Cup.

The Men’s Panel Preview is gearing up to be an exciting episode, as the respected panel dives into the details of the upcoming Pat Duffy Cup quarter-finals. Jack Scully, who recently earned recognition as the October National League Coach of the Month, brings a wealth of coaching experience to the conversation. Erin Bracken, as a Basketball Ireland Development Officer, will contribute her expertise on the broader basketball landscape, offering a unique perspective on the evolving nature of the sport.

In an engaging exchange on the podcast, Marc Mulholland expressed his excitement about the current state of basketball in Northern Ireland. He highlighted the presence of senior teams in the Super League, emphasising the positive impact on the development of basketball in the region. Mulholland also discussed the strategic shift in response to the challenges posed by COVID in the past 2-3 years, emphasising the importance of adaptability in the face of adversity.

A notable point of excitement for Mulholland was the initiation of a schools program, set to take root and contribute to the growth of basketball at the grassroots level. The anticipation of home derbies and the prospect of Ulster University finding their stride were also discussed, with Mulholland expressing eagerness for another compelling head-to-head against Belfast Star.

Mulholland noted, “You can feel an exciting energy in basketball in the north at the moment. Everyone is talking about it wherever you go, and it is a testament to all the clubs that feed into the two Super League teams.” He underscored the significance of local players serving as inspirations and paving the way for junior players.

To hear Marc Mulholland’s predictions on the Cup Quarter Finals, gain more insights into Belfast Star’s local players, and uncover the ‘secret sauce’ of Ulster University, be sure to give The Sideline Live Podcast a listen.

Listeners can expect a captivating and insightful discussion as the Men’s Panel Preview explores the Quarter Finals of Pat Duffy Cup and delves into the exciting developments shaping the basketball landscape in Northern Ireland.

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