Belfast City Council: Physical Activity and Sports Development Strategy

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Belfast City Council are currently drafting their ‘Physical Activity and Sports Development Strategy’ for the next few years

This is a great opportunity for those of playing basketball, have children that play basketball, schools offering basketball or those who just love and appreciate the sport to lobby for the future of our sport in the Belfast area.

This is one of those opportunities we can get our aspirations for our sport across in a meaningful way. There are surveys for the general public, community groups, sports clubs, NGB and schools. Please complete the survey/s that apply/ies to your role/s. We ask that on question 4 of the general public survey please select ‘other’ and input ‘basketball’.

The survey is quick and easy and anyone living in Northern Ireland can fill it out. This is our opportunity to get basketball at the forefront of Belfast City Councils strategy.

Click the link below to fill out survey πŸ”½

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