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Lilian Parks

Her work over the past 8+ years has been second to none. Developing the Team NI Academies and helping to create a platform for our young players gain access to elite coaching and international sporting experiences at junior level.

Basketball NI Team Director, Lilian Parkes ,is a fantastic asset to Basketball here in NI. Not only has she helped both male and female players development, she has helped local coaches providing a platform for them to volunteer to coach at an elite international level.

As if that isn’t all, Lilian developed a volunteering network for team managers and a passionate culture for parents, families and fans of the game to come and support Team NI both at home and abroad.

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Name: Lilian Parkes

Board Role: Basketball Team NI Director

Club Association (if Any): None

Favourite thing to do? (other than basketball) I’ve a few so will name more than one… spending time with family; and entertaining people whether through comedy shows or murder mysteries.

What is your Favourite Film? Shrek

Favourite Sporting Moment?

Playing left back position in hockey at school and scoring a goal from behind the half-way line!

Can you tell us something about yourself that we wouldn’t already know?

I climbed to the top of a tall ship’s mast while in the Bay of Biscay (Tall Ships Race 1990).

If you can invite 4 people to dinner who would they be (excluding family& friends)?

Kenneth Branagh, Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth II, Julie Walters.

What advice would you give to your teenage self, knowing what you know today?

Eat more healthily, keep taking one day at a time and go find a basketball club somewhere!!

What are your hopes for the future for basketball in Northern Ireland?

These include…1) that we get more investment in the sport to give the clubs and players more support and opportunites; 2) have a dedicated central TeamNI double basketball court venue; 3) Northern Ireland competing in and winning Commonwealth Games; 4) the population discovering how much fun basketball can be and it becoming one of the best ways to keep fit!